About project

Business incubators are important agents in nurturing and promoting the development of innovative and export oriented SMEs. Building the management capacity and exploiting the potential of international cooperation among business incubators in the Baltic Sea Region will contribute to developing specialized and targeted business support services to start ups.

Project aims at establishment and strengthening a transnational business incubator network – the platform for continuous exchange of information, know-how and technologies among its members in order to foster development of innovative and export oriented SMEs in the Baltic Sea Region.

Project involves partners representing regional and local authorities, universities, business incubators and technology centres: Riga Planning Region, Riga Technical University (Latvia), Teknikdalen Foundation (Sweden), Municipality of Elblag City (Poland), Technology Centre of Western Pomerania (Germany), Innovation Centre Hedmark (Norway), State Enterprise "Scientific - Technological Park BNTU "Polytechnic"”(Belarus) and State institution "Leningrad Region Business Support Centre"  (Russia) as Associated partner.

Project was implemented from December 2009 until June 2012 and co-funded from the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013. Total budget of the project was 677 050 EUR.

Project activities included:

  • Carrying out analysis of capacity and management practices of business incubators in partner countries, specifically addressing financing, structure and business processes, services, management and outlined a set of areas for further development
  •  Experience exchange activities among business incubators in the BSR with aim to establish benchmarking for business incubation services
  • Establishment of IBI Net cooperation network joining business incubators and business incubator companies in the BSR by launching IBI Net Portal
  • Elaboration of IBI Net Guidelines - action plan for IBI Net network beyond the project
  • Exploring and synthesizing recommendations for financing business incubators in BSR
  • Facilitating contact making among business support professionals in business incubators and local and regional policy makers

Detailed information on project results can be found here