The Contact Point Mecklenburg Vorpommern for the Interreg South Baltic Program is running by the WITENO GmbH.
WITENO GmbH is the result of the merger between BioTechnikum Greifswald GmbH and Technologiezentrum-Fördergesellschaft mbH Vorpommern in 2016. The University and Hanseatic City of Greifswald, the University of Greifswald and Sparkasse Vorpommern are the corporation`s shareholders. WITENO - short for Wissenschafts- und Technologiepark Nord°Ost° (or Science & Technology Park North°East°) - is offering space and support for the implementation of innovative ideas. Welcome in the renowned university city of Greifswald in Germany`s North-East! At three locations (BioTechnikum, Technologiezentrum Vorpommern and cowork Greifswald) attractive office, lab and production premises are awaiting you, as well as comprehensive tenant services and event and meeting facilities. In addition, WITENO supports start-ups and young businesses with consulting services, is active in various expert panels and networks and implements projects to the benefit of the region. The Interreg Baltic Sea Project ProVaHealth stimulates cooperation among health laboratories in the Baltic Sea region, which test new products and technologies in real-life contexts. In the Interreg Baltic Sea Region project IRIS, incubators from all countries around the Baltic Sea work together to improve and strengthen their management and support capacity, i.e. to jointly nurture new skills, help create new companies, and to support in opening up new markets.
Student Business Incubator IdeaLAB
Riga`s Technical University Student Business Incubator (IdeaLAB) brings together young talented entrepreneurs, mentors, creative enthusiasts, educators and investors, creating an environment for new idea development and new product design or innovation. More information
4 business incubators in Riga Planning Region provide support for enterprises.
In Riga Planning Region 4 business incubators of Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) provide support in the development of new, viable and competitive enterprises. Incubators provide individuals and enterprises with the working environment, consultations, events and training on general business issues, mentor support, as well as grants necessary for starting or developing a business.
Hedmark Innovation Center focusing on 4 areas.
Incubator is a part of Hedmark Innovation Center, which nowadays focusing on different areas - digital, agriculture, bio economics and industry. As Hedmark Innovation Center has a fish farming project, many farmers find incubator as oportunity. Digital projects becomes more popular than physical.
New project which gathers 14 incubators.
Dalarna Science Park has recently been approved a project financed by the European Union Structural Funds securing the incubator operation financially to the end of 2020. Furthermore, Dalarna Science Park is Lead Partner in a Interreg Baltic Sea Region project named IRIS. This project gathers 14 incubators around the Baltic Sea in an effort to increase management and support capacity. IRIS project is a project under the Flagship initiative BSR Stars. Business Incubator contact person: Victoria Ställberg / / + 46706 710451
IBI Net Association Newsletter #2
IBI Net Association Newsletter
Newsletter #4
4th issue of IBI Net Newsletter is here.
IBI Net Project starts independent life with conference and forum of business incubators
With conference and forum about future of business incubators international network of business incubators „Intercountry Business Incubator Network” (IBI Net) starts independent operating. “IBI Net” is collaboration platform, which unites all business incubators, enterprises and policy makers from Baltic Sea region countries.
Presentations from the Business Incubator Forum
Presentations from the IBI Net Final Conference
Business Incubators` Forum and IBI Net Final Conference
Work meeting in Riga
As IBI Net Project has entered its final stage, very bustling time for development of number of Project products has started. For ensuring once more that planned progress of these products conforms to reality, Project partners have agreed to meet in important one day work meeting on February 7, in Riga.
Newsletter #3
3rd issue of IBI Net Newsletter is here
Study visit of IBI Net project partners in Sweden
October 5-6, 2011 in Dalarna (Sweden) within the framework of ‘Intercountry Business Incubator Network` project (IBI Net) project IBI Net, a study visit to acknowledge with the best practice in delivering business support services in partner business incubator will be held. IBI Net project is co-financed by the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013.
Latvia participates in the establishment of the International Business Incubator Association in the Baltic Sea Region
Today business incubators and technology centres from Germany, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Belarus and Denmark founded the International Business Incubator Association IBI NET. It is set to unite the business incubators of the Baltic Sea Region.
Date for establishment of IBI Net association has been determined on 3rd Management Meeting in Minsk
During 3rd Management Meeting in Minsk, Partners of „Intercountry Business Incubators Network" (IBI Net) Project agreed about concrete date, when IBI Net association will be established.
Partners of IBI Net Project acquainted with Belarus experience of technology parks and business incubators
During meeting of Baltic Sea Region Programme Project „Intercountry Business Incubators Network" (IBI Net) in Minsk on August 23-24, partners not only discussed topicality and goals for the next period of IBI Net, but also acquainted with Belarus experience of technology parks and business incubators.
3rd Steering Committee and Management meeting of IBI Net Project in Minsk
During August 23-24 IBI Net Project`s Steering Committee meeting in the capital of Belarus, Minsk will be held. During the first day, theproject will be presented to Belarusian authorities and business incubators, but on the second day the Steering Committee Meeting will be held, during which politicians from partner regions will review the progress of implementation of the Project.
Newsletter #2
Newsletter #1
Study visit of IBI Net project partners will be held
On June 7 - 9 in Hedmark (Norway) study visit of ‘Intercountry Business Incubator Network` (IBI Net) project, which is co-financed by the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013 will be held.
Society needs to be educated about role of business incubators in economy and opportunities their given
On May 23 in Riga within the framework of ‘Intercountry Business Incubator Network` (IBI Net) project, which is co-financed by the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013, discussion about development perspectives of business incubators in Latvia, problems an possible solutions was held.