Project partners


   Riga Planning Region

Riga Planning Region (RPR) is a derived public entity that has been established on 12 October 2006, in accordance with the competences determined by Regional Development Law - coordination of the regional development planning, organization of cooperation among local municipalities and different state institutions, including:
  • regional development planning,
  • coordination, cooperation between local municipalities and other state institutions,
  • elaboration, implementation as well as monitoring of the development planning documents,
  • evaluation of the local and regional development documents,
  • evaluation of the projects submitted by local municipalities and private persons,
  • development and implementation of different projects (support activities of the regional development),
  • consultation services provided by EU Structural Funds Information Centre,
as well as tasks delegated by different state institutions like dissemination of the information on available finance instruments, coordination of the public transport etc.
Riga Planning Region elaborates and implements different projects using them as an instrument for implementation of the regional development tasks, identified in the development documents. Support activities for the business environment are one of the main focuses of RPR’s projects.

Institution implements such projects like SIB Net, Cult Identity, EU Strategy Goes Local, Global Vision etc. RPR is a Lead Partner of the IBI Net project mainly responsible for management issues as well as development of guidelines of IBI Net network and organizing of the contact exchange of BI and SMS. 

Contact: Inga BRIEZE/ Riga Planning Region/


  Technology Centre of Western Pomerania

The Technologiezentrum Fördergesellschaft mbH Vorpommern (TZV) was founded in 1991 as an independent, success-oriented service provider and as an incubator for companies in the region of Vorpommern.               
Its special expertise is linking technological knowledge with an extensive understanding of specific markets. It offers best conditions for implementation of ideas for the creation of a technology company or an innovative service. Also it assists young and established companies in its growth phases, in search for business partners and helps entering new markets. Currently, more than 2,600 square meters of  laboratory  and  production space and 3,600 square meters of office space
are used by 58 companies. The companies can expect customer-service and expert advice in the area of hiring, funding procurement and financial assistance as well as on the subjects’ innovation, consolidation, and product and market development.
In the project the TZV is responsible for the work packages 4.2 & 4.3.:
  • Developing IC tools for management and operations of business incubators. Modern technologies will help the partners to use best practice methods and therefore they can give an even better business support for start-ups.
  • Developing finance instruments for business incubators in the BSR. The work package gives the partners a guideline and instruments for sustainability funding force to support businesses.
Therefore the TZV will work with external expertise to offer the project the best fitting solutions.
Contact: Benjamin TECHEN/ Technology Centre of Western Pomerania/

  Municipality of Elblag City 

City Commune of Elbląg is a local self-governmental commune, with the area of approx. 79.83 km2 and 126,419 inhabitants.  
The Partner represents the Elbląg Incubator of Modern Informatics Technologies, created for supporting SMEs development, co-financed by the European Union. It was launched to create the best opportunities for start-up-companies in a field of advanced technologies, especially for the graduates of the State Higher Vocational School in Elbląg and the Technical University in Gdansk, as well as other informatics schools. There may also act other companies, indirectly connected with the informatics, but using computer specialized software and hardware.
The Partner will participate in implementation of all Work Packages of the Project. It will co-operate to establish efficient network of business incubators in BSR. Elbląg Incubator’s role will be supporting the incubator with specialist trainings in order to strengthen incubator’s management team’s competence. The active participation in study visits will provide the partners with expertise and experience of Elbląg Incubator. In order to facilitate cooperation and development of innovative SMEs as well as support SMEs operating in incubators, the Partner will actively take part in all study visits, meetings and trainings. Dissemination good practices and arrangements different kinds of seminars and meetings will enable establishing business contacts between entrepreneurs from all countries involving in the project.
Contact: Beata DZIUBA/ Municipality of Elblag City/

  Innovation Centre Hedmark

Incubator is part of the Hedmark Innovation Center and has been named Gründerhuset (Entrepreneur Hall). The incubator offers a stimulating environment, physical facilities and customized advice to newly established businesses.
Networking (Cluster) Hedmark Innovation Center is to build business-enhancing and competence-developing network of individuals, businesses, research and educational institutions and public bodies with expertise. Project Management Hedmark Innovation Center is to identify, organize and implement concrete development projects. In addition to taking their own initiatives, we established systems and assist individual companies where it is desirable. Education Innovation Centre Hedmark offers training and education within the focus areas. It is particularly relevant to contribute expertise measures in recruitment and mentoring area above entrepreneurs and others who require assistance related to business development in the region. Consulting Hedmark Innovation Center offer tailored advice where requested and needed, or where the employees of the Hedmark Innovation Center have experience and/or knowledge that make them sought after in the mark.
Our main scope of focus:
  • Biotech mainly within plant and animal sector,
  • Cultural based and tourist business,
  • Games Studio Hamar. A cluster for gaming and creative arts.
Hedmark Innovation Centre will participate actively in WP 3 and WP 4 in transferring the best practice on management of the business incubators using modern technologies. The partner will participate in activities for establishment and sustainability of IBI Net.
Contact: Øyvind NORDSTRAND/ Innovation Centre Hedmark/

 State Enterprise "Scientific - Technological Park BNTU "Polytechnic""

Scientific-Technological Park BNTU “Polytechnic”is the leading innovative enterprise in the system of the Ministry of Education in the Republic of Belarus. It was created in 1992 as an educational, scientific and production centre, in 2002 “Polytechnik” got the status of the Scientific & Technological Park – the first in the Belarusian universities. In 2008 “Polytechnic” has got status of STP in accordance with the new legislation (certificate No 1). Since 2004 the Park has the status of the Entrepreneurship Support Centre.
Mission of the Park is the support of entrepreneurship at the universities, technology transfer and the organisation of Hi-Tech SMEs. As the main tasks the Park considers the following:
  • Providing the information, marketing, engineering, consulting services,
  • Promoting the international cooperation of the universities, high-tech SMEs and innovation centres through the bilateral centres activity (China, Latvia, Kazakhstan, etc), the exhibitions and event participating,
  • Creating the e- platform for R&D data-bases and monitoring of innovation activity of Universities.
The main tasks in the project are to make the environment for BI in Belarus more favourable with the help of knowledge sharing and benchmarking, the dissemination of the information about project activity and best practice of business-incubation among all interested parties in Belarus, to involve Belarusian BIs in the network of BIs (IBI Net) and thus to improve the business support services and foster innovative SMEs development.
Contact: Lyudmila SHMYGOVA/ State Enterprise "Scientific - Technological Park BNTU "Polytechnic"/;

 Riga Technical University

Besides co-participation in most of activities, Riga Technical University’s (RTU) role in the Project is mainly related with two activities - activity No 3.4 “IBI Net portal” and activity No 2.7 “Organization of the Contact Exchange”. It means that within the period of December 2010 – December 2011 development and launch of the portal should be managed and assistance to the leading partner in preparatory works for Contact Exchange planned for March 2012 should be ensured.
RTU has an experience in a number of projects dealing with innovation support both on international and national level. Within the National State Support program for SMEs, in 2007 RTU opened and is still operating Riga Innovation Incubator, which main goal is to support new innovative companies and spin-offs as well as to assist in commercializing of scientific researches? It has also participated in more than 300 projects run in various fields - building and architecture, engineering, computing and information sciences, material and applied sciences, energy. Several projects have been implemented for support of SMEs.
RTU is willing to benchmark its experience in innovation and project development area as well as to participate in development of new instruments for cross-border cooperation of business incubators, including IBI Net network and portal.
Contact: Rihards ZARIŅŠ/ Riga Technical University/

  Teknikdalen Foundation 

Teknikdalen Foundation initiates, runs and participates in regional, national and international projects, as well as supports new business concepts and innovations from idea to market. The long term objective of the foundation is to establish   a   regional    arena     for sustainable growth encompassing entrepreneurship, innovation, new ideas and SME’s.
Teknikdalen Foundation provides SME’s with services to help them grow in a sustainable and innovative way. Over the past years Teknikdalen Foundation has developed a structure for new enterprises based on our Business Incubator. The development of the Business Incubator has been successful and is part of the Swedish national Incubator program.
Foundation is a partner in the Enterprise Europe Network which offers support and advice to businesses across Europe.
Foundation participates in different international projects which can bring experience and business contacts to our region. We are currently partners in the following projects: JOSEFIN, FEM project, IBI Net with responsibility for the analysis on status quo of Business Incubator services and identifying their development needs.
Institution has an excellent long term relation with the local, regional and national policymakers. This gives them a strong influence on the regional policies regarding sustainable growth and business development. Teknikdalen Foundation is partly financed directly by Innovationsbron AB, a government agency with national responsibility for funding incubators and pre-commercial seed investment.
Contact: Sture ERICSSON/ Teknikdalen Foundation/

 State Institution "Leningrad Region Business Support Centre" 

Associated partner of IBI Net PI “Leningrad region business support center” was established uniting resources and operational experience of two organizations: State Institution “Leningrad Region Legal Bureau” (LenUrBuro) and Leningrad Region Fund for Support of Small Business “Recept”.
LenUrBuro was established in 2002 with support of TACIS project “Legal Protection for Economic Operators”. Fund “Recept” was the executor and resource administrator of the Regional Program “Development and support of small business in Leningrad region 2003-2005”.
Presently, organization is subordinate to Leningrad region Administration Committee on development of small and medium business and consumer market and our main function is to serve as a technical facilitator for the realization of Long-term target program ““Development and support of small business in Leningrad region 2009-2013”. We as organization implement such business support measures as: distribution of start-up grants, compensation of credit rate and leasing expenses, compensations of exhibitor’s expenses, compensation of certification expenses and etc.
In regard to the IBI Net, our Institution, with help of our relations in local municipalities, will make it’s best in cooperation between business incubators of Leningrad region with the neighbors, and try to eliminate the administrative and other obstacles, with which SMEs of the region face day-to-day.
Conatct: Timur KASIMOV / State institution "Leningrad Region Business Support Centre"/