The project has following achievements:

THE ANALYSES ABOUT BUSINESS INCUBATORS IN BSR – services and management capacity development needs “Business Incubators in the Baltic Sea Region – ways to increase quality and effectiveness”.

The findings and recommendations of the Analysis disseminated to the project stakeholders: business incubators, local and regional municipalities. The analysis included 15 business incubators in partner countries revealing the status quo and development needs of business incubators based on data about their history of development, financing structure, processes and services, management aspects and follow up to incumbent SMEs. Analysis was completed in June 2011.

Full report of the analysis available here


To ensure IBI Net Network sustainability and further development beyond the project, the association IBI Net e.V. (International Business Incubator Network) in September 2011, in Berlin, Germany was founded.

IBI Net e.V. is a network for establishing and strengthening the transnational business incubator network and for technology- and knowledge transfer within Europe.

Currently the members of Association include:

  • Technology Centre of Western Pomerania (Germany)
  • Innovation Centre Hedmark (Norway)
  • State Enterprise "Scientific - Technological Park BNTU "Polytechnic"" (Belarus)
  • Riga Technical University (Latvia)
  • Teknikdalen Foundation (Sweden)
  • Riga Region Business Development Incubator (Latvia)

IBI Net is focussing on business incubators but also cooperates with technology centres, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), universities, public institutions and other important actors.

IBI Net is a mediating and coordinating association without own authority. Its strength depends on the strength of the individual members. It implies the coordination of existing partnerships and activities as well as stimulating the creation of new ones.

IBI Net offers among other things to its members:

  • A platform for collaboration between business incubators
  • Improve their own business (e.g. optimize process through benchmarking)
  • Marketing activities (e.g. lobbying for public financing and recognition of BI importance in society)
  • A platform for dialog with academia, public institutions, private businesses, individuals and supranational institutions
  • A wide range of specialist
  • The possibility of advanced trainings concerning business incubation topics
  • Service solutions (e.g. software tools, independent consulting)
  • Attraction of capital and human resources
  • Coordinate joint efforts in research, education and technology transfer

Aplication for membership:

For application of a new membership contact: Benjamin Techen, Technology Centre of Western Pomerania,

Standing Orders here 


IBI Net portal developed within the framework of the project by Riga Technical University is an on-line centralized information source and platform for cooperation and information exchange among IBI Net network member organizations (incubators) and their companies.

Portal contains information about partner business incubators, incumbent companies – their products, services, cooperation offers, business proposals and contact information. It provides automatic and manual data collection tool from Business incubator websites and a search tool.

To join IBI Net Portal, please contact Andrejs Semovs, Riga Technical University,

IBI Net Portal here


ICT Tool for monitoring development of BI companies elaborated and available to consultants and coaches of business incubators. To access ICT Tool, please go to, section ICT Tool.


Already in the lifetime of the project IBI Net Guidelines: the action plan for further IBI Net activities and strategic development goals elaborated and adopted by regional policy makers. IBI Net Guidelines can be found here.


Financial guidelines outlining funding options of business incubators based on BSR best examples can be found here.


Partner findings on findings and lessons learned in partner study visits can be found:

Greifswald, Germany, 18-19 August, 2010 here

Hedmark, Norway 7-9 June 2011 here

Dalarna, Sweden 5-6 October 2011 here